Laurie & Brennan, LLP Partner, Ryan Hiss, Featured in Leading Lawyers Network Magazine

Ryan Hiss

Ryan Hiss, Partner

Ryan Hiss, partner at Laurie & Brennan, LLP was featured in Leading Lawyer Magazine – Real Estate, Construction, and Environmental Health Edition. When mulling over his answer to the question of what facet of construction law is his favorite he has trouble settling on just one – from arbitrations to trials and contracts to fielding questions from clients he enjoys them all. At the end of the day, Ryan most values what lies at the core of his practice; his relationship with his clients. “Being a problem solver, somebody who can help a client through an issue so they can continue on with their businesses as successfully as possible – to me, that is kind of neat, to be somebody they want to call and figure things out,” Ryan says of those relationships.

Beyond his many accolades, it is this emphasis on developing profound personal relationships with his clients that sets him apart as an attorney and makes him such a valuable member of the Laurie & Brennan team. In his first interactions with Dan Brennan and Ty Laurie back in 2004, they were actually opposing counsel in what was the most high-stakes case of Ryan’s career to that date. He remembers his first encounter with his future co-partners thus, “They were aggressive but not what I’d call overly aggressive. There was a toughness to their position and their negotiating style that I’d say was a reasonable toughness. It wasn’t like they were being tough about issues they shouldn’t be tough about, but you could tell this was going to be quite a battle. So that was my initial impression, but also that you could get along with them well.”

Ultimately, one of the biggest impressions made on Ryan by Ty was his emphasis on family values; Ty wrapped up a meeting one day by saying. “I’ve got to catch a train to go coach my kid’s baseball practice.” When Ryan joined Laurie & Brennan in 2016 he did so on a similar condition – he’d have to occasionally leave early to coach his daughters’ softball team. Ryan is now happy to contribute the experience of his 21-year career as an ace construction attorney to the firm, and Laurie & Brennan is excited that he is a member of the team.

Laurie & Brennan, LLP is proud to have one of our partners featured so prominently in Leading Lawyers Network Magazine as it is one of the most trusted and respected resources to locate reputable, experienced lawyers.

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